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April 01, 2009
DSC's New 2-Way Wireless Security Suite: The Power of Speed

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Well-Rounded Suite of Products Offers Superior Protection and Complete Security

ISC WEST -- Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday, April 1, 2009 – How would you like to offer your customers a security system that provides complete security via a host of devices, including keypads, sirens, detectors and wireless keys, and also supports GSM and IP communications – all of it wirelessly? DSC’s 2-Way Wireless Security Suite, featuring the ALEXOR wireless panel, delivers just that…and so much more.

Because DSC’s 2-Way Wireless Security Suite is wireless, you have fewer holes to drill and fewer wires to pull. The suite, anchored by the ALEXOR Wireless Panel, has a full complement of COMPATIBLE two-way and one-way wireless accessories, detectors and keypads. The host of components, designed for optimal functions, in many configurations, takes far less time to install than traditional wired or hybrid systems.

DSC’s 2-Way Wireless Security Suite offers wireless and continuously supervised communication between devices. The signals between the 2-Way wireless devices are fully encrypted, prohibiting unauthorized interruption of communication between them. If the security system changes its armed state or any of the 2-Way devices are tampered with, ALEXOR will immediately be signaled and the appropriate transmission will instantly be transmitted to the monitoring station.

The new 2-Way Wireless Security Suite offers a host of new devices:

The Alexor 2-Way Wireless Panel. The Great Protector*. ALEXOR is the center component, of the DSC’s 2-Way Wireless Security Suite. ALEXOR communicates wirelessly to DSC wireless peripherals – both 2-Way and all other DSC 433MHz wireless devices. Because it is a distributed system, the panel is not attached to the keypad physically, but rather wirelessly.

The WT5500 2-Way Wireless Wire-Free Keypad. Control at the Fingertips. The compact and sleek new WT5500 Wire-Free Keypad provides an easy to-use and convenient main interface to ALEXOR. And with handy wall or free-standing desk stand mounting options and the ability to connect up to four keypads per system, installers can offer homeowners more choice in where keypads may be located throughout the home.

PT4 Prox Tag. Disarm ALEXOR in one simple motion. No more fumbling at the door with armfuls of packages or worries about remembering security codes. With DSC’s new PT4 Prox Tag for the

WT5500P Wire-Free keypad, the ALEXOR is armed or disarmed in one easy motion. A simple swipe of the tag across the front of the keypad, and the system is either activated or deactivated. It’s that easy.

The TL265GS Internet and GSM/GPRS Dual-Path Alarm Communicator & the GS2065 GSM/GPRS Wireless Alarm Communicator. FLEXIBLE Alternate Alarm Communication

Delivery. As more and more homes move away from traditional phone lines, towards Voice over IP or mobile phones, alternate delivery methods for alarm communication must be explored for security systems. Both the TL265GS Internet and GSM/GPRS Dual-Path Alarm Communicator & the GS2065 GSM/GPRS Wireless Alarm Communicator do just that. When connected to the Alexor PC9155 Wireless Panel, alarm reporting paths can be combined through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), plus the Internet and GSM/GPRS channels (the TL265GS) or the GSM/GPRS channel (the GS2065). Because each communicator provides different options, customers now have the exact alarm communication customized to meet their needs.

The WS4985 Flood Detector. Early Warning System Provides Peace-of-Mind. The new WS4985 Flood Detector is a fully supervised wireless detector. It senses the presence of water in basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and numerous other areas where water may leak or flood, prompting advance warning of potential flooding. Damage in a home or business due to flooding is one of the top claims to insurance companies and flood damage issues are expensive to fix and can increase future insurance rates. Early detection can easily save on insurance claims and reduce the hassle of costly repairs.

The WT4901 2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren. Subtle Design, Powerful Communication. With its sleek and modern design, the WT4901 2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren complements ALEXOR and DSC’s 2-Way Wireless Security Suite. Since ALEXOR is mounted in a secure location within the home, audible indications regarding alarm triggers or smoke/fire detection may not always be heard directly from the panel. With its powerful sounder, the WT4901 will annunciate these issues from its remote location but will not indicate the location of the control panel.

The WT4911 2-Way Wireless Outdoor Siren. The Best Defense is a Good Offence. The WT4911 Wireless Outdoor Siren combines form and function to provide improved protection against intruders, before they get the chance to enter the home. With its powerful 105db sounder, the WT4911 will annunciate unwanted entrance to property and premises. The accompanying strobe light also provides a visual warning and deterrent upon activation. The onboard temperature sensor provides the current outdoor temperature to the accompanying WT5500 Wire-Free Keypad display.

The WT4989 2-Way Wireless Key. The Key to Better Security. The WT4989 provides users with management of ALEXOR and the added confidence of portable personal protection – directly at their fingertips. Users can arm/disarm the system easily as they approach their house or call for help from anywhere inside or in close proximity to it (via the panic button). System status indicators on the key alert the homeowner if the residence is in alarm or if it has recently been in alarm, before they enter the home. Using secure 2-Way Wireless communication, ALEXOR transmits information to the key and vice-versa.

The WS4913 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor. Front-line Protection. The WS4913 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor provides front-line protection against the silent threat of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. The WS4913’s electrochemical sensing technology is highly sensitive, detecting even trace amounts of CO. When CO is identified, the sensor is triggered, the alarm is activated and ALEXOR is notified. The WS4913 also works as a standalone detector and is the perfect solution for difficult to wire locations.

The devices of DSC’s 2-Way Wireless Security Suite are easy to enroll and program through ALEXOR. With DSC’s RELIABLE wireless device enrollment & template programming, installation is simple. The wireless device enrollment process ensures that installers no longer need to manually program serial numbers or wireless attributes. ALEXOR’s template programming allows installers to quickly program the functions required for basic operation.

Additionally, DSC’s 1-Way 433MHz wireless devices are COMPATIBLE with the 2-Way and and also offer the legendary QUALITY our Distribution Partners and Dealers have come to expect from DSC. With so many complementary devices, the DSC 2-Way Wireless Security Suite is also FLEXIBLE enough for a wide variety of applications.

DSC designs and manufactures exceptional products that work when it matters most.

For more information on the DSC 2-Way Wireless Security Suite ISC West booth #22001, or online at


*See Press Release on the new ALEXOR for more details.


Denise Bruley, Communications & Public Relations Program Manager

Tyco Safety Products, DSC

(905) 760-3000, ext. 2414


Tyco Safety Products Canada, through its leading brands DSC and Bentel, provide security professionals with products of superior quality and performance in more than 140 countries worldwide. They include alarm control panels, keypads, user interfaces, detection devices, alarm communication products, structured wiring and industry-leading alarm monitoring technology. More information on DSC can be found at


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