Technical Library

Open Source Software

Open Source from HS2TCHP

HS2TCHP - Open source firmware, 348,739.41kb

Open Source for WTK5504

1.00.0 source release.tar.gz.md5, 0.06kb
1.00.0 source release.tar.gz, 362,000.00kb

Open Source for PTK5507

Open source software for the PTK5507

Please review Terms and Conditions before downloading or using the Open Source software files below.

PTK5507 open source firmware - v1.02.1, 236,820.00kb
PTK5507 open source firmware - v1.05.3, 248,300.00kb

Terms & Conditions
QT Version 4.7.3 - Terms & Conditions, 0.12kb
Linux Kernel License: Version 2.6, 0.11kb

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