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Kantech  – v6.03 EntraPass Software Integration with DSC’s PowerSeries Neo hybrid platform

Version 6.03 software release for the EntraPass security management system is now available with a range of new features that increase the performance and intuitive scope of the system, along with a number of integrations and additions that continue to enhance access control user experience. V6.03 EntraPass software integrates seamlessly with DSC’s PowerSeries Neo hybrid security platform, using the KT-400,KT-1 & KT-NCC controllers.  For further information click here [insert redirect to Kantech‘s page:



Software House – C•CURE 9000 Integration with DSC’s PowerSeries Neo hybrid platform

CCURE 9000 v2.30 R2 (v2.40 coming soon) now integrates with DSC’s PowerSeries Neo platform to offer features such as a  true IP connection with encryption, a maximum of 128 zones, and a virtual keypad. The communication to CCURE 9000 uses the DSC ITv2 protocol, and requires an IP communicator to implement the integration, either the DSC TL280 (Ethernet only), or the TL2803G (dual path). This initial version of the driver has been tested with up to eight Neo panels; subsequent releases will increase the maximum number of panels supported.


A powerful new feature of the PowerSeries Neo integration is the concept of “virtual zones,” which allows the PowerSeries Neo panel to be used to annunciate alarms from the CCURE 9000, such as door forced, and communicate them to a central station. When the door forced alarm is seen in CCURE 9000, an event can be triggered to activate a virtual zone in the Neo panel, which causes the central station communication. Up to 32 zones in each PowerSeries Neo panel can be assigned as virtual zones. For further information click here [insert redirect to Software House page:



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