HSM3105 Expansion Module


SM3105 is an expansion module intended to provide MX addressable device expansion to IQ Pro and IQ Pro P Panel. The module connects to the panel using the Corbus interface and provides connectivity for two 2 wire MX addressable bus that devices are connected to. The two MX buses which are left and right can be configured to operate as a single loop or as separate left and right spurs.

  • Maximum of 126 Devices
  • Corbus Wire Distance 3 Ft Max between the panel and the module (22AWG Wire)
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Inputs for connecting a tamper switch when installed in a separate enclosure (Required for UL/ULC).
  • Support for Both Two Wire and Four Wire Configurations
  • Support for Line T-Tapping/Spurs
  • Compatible with IQ Pro
  • It Can be Installed in the IQ Pro Enclosure or Separately
  • High Power and Low Power Modes
  • Installation with IQ Installer
  • Load Configuration Using a Linked Spreadsheet
  • Compatible Enclosures: HSC3010C, HSC3010CR, HSC3030CAR, HSC3020C, HSC3001C, HSC3001CP, HSC3020CP, PC4050CAR, PC4050CR, PC5003C
  • Compatible Devices: MX945, MX916, MX862, MC920, MX922, MX926, MX936, MX975, MX974, MXBASE
  • Temperature Range: -10°C to +55°C

Regional Availability :

North America
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