IQ Pro Security Control Panel


  • Available in Plastic and Metal Cabinet
  • 8 wired zones on board expandable up to 128
  • MX Addressable loop for 124 MX devices
  • PowerG and PowerG+ when available
  • Up to 128 wired / PowerG zones
  • 8 partitions
  • 1000 users
  • Native LTE/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth LE/Ethernet/Z-Wave
  • Card slots supporting SRF 319MHz, 345MHz or 433MHz
  • Running on For Business
  • IQ Installer Interface enables local intuitive programming.
  • IQ Remote WiFi/PG supported


PART #’s: IQPR001M, IQPR001P, IQPR002M, IQPR002P, IQPR003M, IQPR003P, IQPR017M, IQPR017P, IQPR004M, IQPR004P, IQPR005M, IQPR005P, IQPR006M, IQPR006P, IQPR019M, IQPR019P

Category: Wired MX Adressable Loop with hardwire universal input

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North America
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