PowerG Wireless Recessed Contact


  • Compact sensor is inserted into the side of the door, barely discernable once installed
  • Ideal for residential and light commercial installations
  • Clear flanges attached to the sensor blend in with the doorframe and enable near-invisible installation regardless of the doorframe’s color.
  • Flanges on the sensor casing can be easily snapped off, to further reduce visual impact
  • White and brown adhesive covers (included) for the cap and magnet can be applied to match the door’s surface
  • Delivers exceptional value with a long-lasting battery (up to 10 years with typical use)
  • Easily installed, with an ultra-thin magnet (0.08 in) that reduces the need for drilling
  • Compatible with PowerSeries Neo, PowerSeries Pro and Qolsys panels

Category: PowerG Wireless Recessed Contact

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