• Ethernet gateway with broadband connection to router
  • Exclusively with Telguard HomeControl Services
  • Broadband terminal for hardwired devices: C24-CAMANL
  • Provides private WiFi network for Interactive devices: C24-CAM54IR, C24-TOUCH
  • Integrated Z-wave support: Thermostats (TBZ48D), Lights, Door Locks
  • RS422 terminal to connect with DSC compatible communicators
  • Compatibile with:
  • – DSC PowerSeries v4.6 with IT-230, 3G2060R, TL2603GR or TL260R
  • – IMPASSA SCW9057 v1.1 and 3G2055, TL255, TL2553G or IT-235 (coming soon)

Regional Availability :

North America
United States
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