SG-System 5 Virtual Receiver

SG-System 5 - North America

  • Monitor up to 1,474,560 IP communicators (Cellular or Ethernet) with up to 24 IP line cards and upgrade license keys

  • Monitor PSTN accounts using our new SG-DRL5-2L dual line card, or use our SG-DRL5-ADPT to use existing SG-DRL4-2L line cards in the SG-System 5

  • Patented AHS feature with up to 1 million accounts (expandable via license) and new lockable handshake and format options for increased control

  • On board upgradeable memory for offline storage of visual verification "films"

  • Supports visual verification features for DSC PowerSeries Neo

  • Industry-leading account density per U rack for a reduced overall size of 4U

  • SG-DRL5-IP line card with capacity of up to 4,096 IP accounts (512 visual verification/512 supervised/3072 unsupervised), upgradable up to 61,440 via license keys

  • SG-DRL5-2L adds Dual PSTN capability with 150+ communication formats available

  • CPM5 V1.1 adds 3 new automation modes: Split Reporting, Multi-Port, and Logging

  • Integrated redundancy including hot-swappable modules and auto-switching for power and peripherals eliminates downtime

  • CMS access to visual verification files through SG-Systems Console

  • Remote upgradable via SG-Systems Console

  • Enhanced real time system status and hardware diagnostics via Sur-Gard - Systems Console and touch screen interface

Category: Central Station Receiver

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