Early Warned IS Better Protected

Tyco’s outdoor detectors work from the outside in


Detection Layers

for Safer Homes and Businesses

Tyco offers a market-leading, comprehensive range of outdoor detectors to stop intruders before they get into the house or business. Our outdoor detection solutions can protect people from trauma and harm, reduce property damage and theft, and give first responders a head start.

Magnetic Detectors

Secure the outer edge of properties, at wall or fence gates, pool and garden enclosures, shed doors, windows and any other external entry point, with powerful outdoor magnetic contacts.

Motion Detectors

Detect threats before intruders even touch the building, with a wide range of outdoor motion detectors that can differentiate human movement from the motion of animals, wind-blown bushes, etc.

Shock and glass-break detectors

Provide early warning of attempted forced entry via doors and windows, before an intruder gets in, with highly accurate shock and glass-break detectors.


Key Features

  • Widest range of wireless outdoor detectors
  • Market-leading PowerG technology – Reliable, accurate detection overcomes outdoor challenges, with the longest wireless range and minimum false alarms
  • Designed for outdoors – weatherproof casings
  • Unique protection for perimeter entryways – with first outdoor magnetic contact on the market
  • Octa-Quad technology provides highly accurate motion detection in challenging outdoor conditions

Key Benefits

Make Early Warning YOUR Advantage
Better business for you
  • Stand out with uniquely comprehensive outdoor intrusion security
  • Meet the outdoor intrusion security needs of almost any residential or commercial customer
  • Speed through installations with ease – No wires, no fuss
  • Save time and costs – No need to add outdoor-rated casings to indoor devices
  • Improve customer satisfaction –Reliable detection with reduced false alarms
Better protection for your customers
  • Detection of intruders before they can break in reduces trauma and damage, and increases peace of mind
  • Early warning provides more time to summon help and escape from danger
  • Minimum false alarms reduces disruption
  • Wireless installation preserves exterior building design and landscaping

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