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Tyco Security Products has partnered with SureView Systems to offer advanced video event management systems complementing the Sur-Gard SG System-5 virtual server and the trusted PowerSeries Neo security platform.


SureView Systems - Immix Central Station - Screen Shot The following SureView Systems products are integrated with Sur-Gard SG-System 5:

SureView Systems’ Immix Central Station monitoring software is a video-centric software platform for receiving alarm events from video, video analytics, access control, automation platforms and situational awareness systems. An intuitive, easy-to-use software integration platform, Immix Central Station improves central stations’ ability to manage and respond to security events.


SureView Systems - Immix Command Center - Screen Shot
Immix Command Center is a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software platform used by business, institutions and agencies where there is no automation software, enabling them to monitor security systems and protect critical assets.


For further information on SureView Systems product offerings, visit DSC Partner Solutions are available in select countries only; please contact your local sales representative for further info.



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