Sur-Gard - System I & Sur-Gard - System I-IP Dual Phone Line with Optional IP Receiver

SG-System I

  • Multi-format receiver
  • Integrated scheduled receiver line card testing
  • Up to 63 different profiles and up to eight different handshakes per profile
  • 500-event memory buffer on each individual POTS channels
  • Patented ANI and DNIS reception, Automatic Handshake Selection (AHS), Caller ID capability and virtual configurations
  • Continuous verification of computer (automation) connection
  • One parallel, one serial, one USB, one TCP/IP printer port available
  • One serial, one TCP/IP automation port available
  • One USB, one TCP/IP console port available
  • Non-volatile RAM for programming and event buffer
  • Optional support for 512 IP Communicators
  • Rack mount in standard 19-inch rack with the SG-SII-RMK
  • 128 Bit AES encryption over IP
  • Menu-driven, 40-character, 2-line LCD display with blue backlighting provides instruction when in manual mode
  • 4 buttons for manual programming and acknowledgement of alarm signals when in manual mode
  • Universal power supply compatible with 110/220 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Onboard flash memory and DSP for future software upgrades and enhancements
  • SG−SYS1512IP - Additional 512 IP accounts for Sur-Gard − System I (Licensed software upgrade)

Category: Central Station Receiver

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