PowerSeries Neo Touchscreen Keypad Emulator

The PowerSeries Neo Touchscreen Keypad Emulator is an easy-to-use, interactive simulator of PowerSeries Neo alarm system operations using a Neo Touchscreen Keypad.

You can use the emulator online or offline, on a desktop or laptop computer or on a mobile device, in the same manner you would use a Neo touchscreen keypad. 

With the emulator, you can perform various functions and interactions, including arming and disarming the system, simulate alarms, generate alarms, and bypass zones. This makes it ideal for practice purposes and for conducting live demos.


Desktop/Laptop Version

Use the emulator online right here, via this webpage.



Mobile Version

Download the emulator to your mobile device and run it in online or offline mode using the Articulate Player app.

Step 1:
get Articulate Player app for iOS (for iPad only)

Get Articulate Player app for Android

Step 2:
Download the emulator >


Main Functions

Using the emulator, you can perform the main standard functions of the PowerSeries Neo security system as if you were using a PowerSeries Neo Touchscreen keypad. 

You can simulate the following actions:

  • Arm the system
    • Arm Away
    • Arm Stay
    • Arm in Bypass mode

  • Disarm the system
    • Using the keypad code
    • Using the proximity tag

  • Quick Exit

  • Generate alarms:
    • Open the door while the system is armed
    • Open the window while the system is armed
    • Set an Emergency Fire Alarm

  • View alarms and troubles

  • Change user access codes



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