PowerSeries Neo Go App - easy notification & access to your system status/state anytime, anywhere.

large image of a person using the PowerSeries Neo Go app on an iPhone

The most advanced system technology in the industry brought to the end- users fingertips with the PowerSeries Neo Go App.

Available on the iOS App Store and Android Play store in select countries, PowerSeries Neo Go app is compatible with the iOS 5 iphone, ipad and Android icecream sandwich and newer versions of these for smartphones and tablets.

Installer Set-up Guide
PowerSeries Neo App - Set-up Guide - English
PowerSeries Neo App - Set-up Guide - Français
PowerSeries Neo App - Set-up Guide - Italiano
PowerSeries Neo App - Set-up Guide - Español
PowerSeries Neo App - Set-up Guide - Português

IP Address and Port Number for customers using Visual Verification on their mobile

PowerSeries Neo Go App - displaying zone statusEnd User License Agreement
> End User License Agreement (EULA)
Contrat de licence pour l’utilisateur (CLUF)
Contratto di licenza con l'utente (EULA)
Contrato de Licença de Usuário (EULA)
Acuerdo de Licencia del Usuario (EULA)

Privacy Policy
> Privacy Policy PowerSeries Neo Go
Politique de confidentialité relative à PowerSeries Neo Go
Politica sulla privacy per PowerSeries Neo Go
Política de privacidade do PowerSeries Neo Go
Política de privacidad de PowerSeries Neo Go

User Guide & FAQs
PowerSeries Neo App - User Guide & FAQ's - English
PowerSeries Neo App - User Guide & FAQ's - Français
> PowerSeries Neo App - User Guide & FAQ's - Italiano
PowerSeries Neo App - User Guide & FAQ's - Español
PowerSeries Neo App - User Guide & FAQ's - Português

PowerSeries Neo Go App is compatible with PowerSeries Neo 4.11+ communicators. For assistance to update your existing 4.10 communicators, please follow the instructions in this link. 

TAB - Software Solutions - Firmware Upgrade Process and PowerSeries Neo v1.12 Release 
Firmware Upgrade Process - English
Firmware Upgrade Process - Español
Firmware Upgrade Process - Português

Note: An Integration Identification Number is required to connect the app to your PowerSeries Neo security system.  Please contact your security professional for this number

PowerSeries Neo Go App - Features

  • Obtain your system status and zone state anywhere, anytime  - for total peace of mind
  • Change your system state anywhere, anytime – for utmost convenience
  • Your system will respond in seconds – saving you valuable time
  • Receive in-app notification of real time system events and state changes

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