The Power of Neo
in Your Hand

Introducing the all-new ConnectAlarm, a cloud-based mobile app that provides home and business owners with real-time control over their security system, from anywhere, at any time.

Perfectly suited for properties of all sizes that are secured by a PowerSeries Neo system*, ConnectAlarm offers end-users unprecedented mobility, security, and efficiency.

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Supported Functions Include:


Alarm Notifications
and Alerts

Alarm-Based Visual

Alarms and
Events History

Device List,
with Status


Full Partition

* Compatible with PowerSeries Neo 1.3 and up

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Benefits For You

Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Offer residential and business customers a new level of convenience and efficiency that suits their busy lifestyles and workdays
  • Empower end-users to effectively and independently optimize the security of their home or business

Benefits For End-Users

Easy, mobile access to the security system.
  • Monitor and control home or business security from anywhere
  • Control programmable input/output devices (PGMs), such as smoke detectors, security doors, smoke machines, and elevators
  • Arm/disarm the security system, check system status, get real-time event-based images, manage users, and more
  • Make informed decisions for timely action

The Value for Your Customers


Conveniently control and manage your home or business security system from anywhere, with secure, reliable mobile connectivity.

  • Full system access – Control and manage up to 8 panels from one mobile device
  • Flexible control –Arm/disarm the full security system or individual partitions, and bypass devices
  • Extended security and control, including PGM input/output devices
  • Status check from anywhere – Panel, partition and devices
Enhancing daily life and work

You are halfway home from work, and realize you forgot to arm the office alarm system before leaving. Just check the status via ConnectAlarm, and if needed, turn on the system via your phone.


Immediately see what’s happening in your home or business, from anywhere, whenever an alarm is activated.

  • PowerG technology – Encrypted two-way wireless communication delivers proven reliability and accuracy
  • Immediate visibility – Receive 10 alarm-activated images in near-real-time
  • Enables visual verification from anywhere
  • End to end 128 bit AES encryption for cellular or ethernet communications
Enhancing daily life and work

An alarm is triggered late at night. Check the real-time motion detector camera images and see whether to reset the alarm system due to a false alarm, or activate first responders. If activated, you can check the images to understand what is going on inside your house or business, even before the service reports back to you.


Go about your routine work and daily life with confidence that you and other users can control building security with minimal effort and time.

  • Convenience for all – Set and manage permissions for multiple users
  • Leverage users’ existing smart devices – Supports iOS 8.0 and Android 5.1 and up
  • Supports monitored and self-monitored PowerSeries Neo systems
  • Easy operation for all – Choice of multiple languages
Enhancing daily life and work

Enable different employees to control their own partition from their smartphone, for more convenient, site-wide security management. For example, provide the night manager with app permissions to arm/disarm only the main store partition, but not the warehouse, since no one works there at night.


Connect Alarm Panel Programming Communicators up to V5.41

Connect Alarm Panel Programming Communicator V4.11

Connect Alarm Panel Programming PowerSeries Pro

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Connect Alarm User Operations

ConnectAlarm App Spec sheet

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