PowerSeries Pro
Commercial Security System

Go further with leading-edge security for businesses

Introducing PowerSeries Pro

A commercial-grade security system designed with growth opportunities and cyber protection in mind.

PowerSeries Pro is a long-range, commercial-grade system with industry-leading intrusion technology, flexible integration possibilities and the dynamic power to protect enterprises of any size. It’s all the power of wires, without all the wires.

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PowerSeries Pro vs. PowerSeries Neo

With a new DSC security system on the market, you may be wondering what’s the difference.

 PowerSeries Pro PowerSeries Neo
248 Zones 
Modular communicators 
On-board Ethernet 
Enhanced triple-end-of-line and PowerG anti-masking technology 
Installation app  
Removable Terminal Strips 
Programmable Hardwired Zone Resistance 
Additional Current for adding more devices 

Bottom Line:

We recommend PowerSeries Neo for residential and small-sized businesses, and PowerSeries Pro for medium-to-large-sized businesses and large-scale commercial properties.

Compatible Products

Designed with growth opportunities in mind, PowerSeries Pro is compatible with a long list of security products. You can install together, or as you go, according to your customer’s growing needs.

8 Zone Expander with removable terminal blocks HSM3408
2 Amp Power Supply Bus Extender with 4 relays outputs HSM3204CX
3 Amp Supervised Power Supply HSM3350
18 V DC Power Adapter for main panel and power supplies HS65WPSNA
WIFI Adapter for installer programming HSM3WIFI
LTE Cellular Communicator LE9080
Alarm.Com Dual Path Communciator TL880LT N
LCD Keypad with Optional Prox and/or PowerG Transceiver HS2LCDPRO(RF)(P)
TouchScreen Keypad with Prox. Tag Support (available in black or white) HS2TCHPRO(BLK)
8 Zone Expander HSM2108
1 Amp Power Supply with 4 programmable outputs HSM2204
8 low current power programmable output expander HSM2208
1 Amp Supervised Power Supply HSM2300
Two-Way Audio board HSM2955(R)
PowerG Transceiver HSM2HOST9
Compatible with all PowerG devices
Easy to Install

How to Videos

Enrolling Devices Configuring Wireless Zones
Delete Wireless Devices
Configuring Hardwired Zones
Enrolling Corbus Module Configuring Zone Expanders
Configuring the Communicator Settings
How to Wire Panel and Modules
How to Program the Panel using the WIFI Adapter and Installer App

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