Wired Photoelectric Smoke Detectors


  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Built-in, dual-sensor heat detector (option)
  • Built-in 85dB horn (option)
  • Easy-maintenance removable smoke chamber
  • Interconnectable using PRM-2W/4W polarity reversal modules
  • Non-contact sensitivity reading with handheld test meter (FSD-100)
  • Low profile design
  • Local test button


FSA-210(x)* :        2-wire photoelectric smoke detector

FSA-210(x)T* :      2-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ heat detector

FSA-210(x)ST* :   2-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ integral sounder & heat detector

FSA-210(x)RT* :   2-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ aux. relay & heat detector

* (x) = 'A' Canadian model number (ULC listed) or 'B' U.S. model number (UL listed) 

Category: Home and Small Business Fire Protection

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